by Suburban Streets

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Hello little beauty queen
Marilyn Monroe wanna be
Would you like to share a mixed drink with me?
Out by the ocean and the sandy seas
Where everyone is acting but nobody is playing
And you remind me of remembrance and theatrical swirls
Acrylic I guess but I think I missed my chances on Jane Doe the married mistress...

Here in The South everyone runs their mouth but where else would you rather be?
Wish our feet in the sand and a drink in our hands
Out by the salty blue sea
I hope I never have to go but I know that I have to go my heart is out there waiting for me

Well I hope you're in love
I hope you're in love
I hope you're in love
Love, I hope you're in love
I hope you're in love
I hope you adore your life
As much as I adored your face
From our stupid antics to our pointless conversations
You were my "it"
You were my God and my Satan

All I did was adore you...

But what about that flower girl?
She got a face that spins the whole wide world...
Oh she got me drunk with existing little did I know that the air is a mixed drink
Her words are 100 proof
I can barely handle a beer or two
I'm a little kid with unneeded vocabulary
I could write a book if you caught me staring
Why you so pale? I think you're chilly
Why don't you come and crawl in bed with me?
Oh, so that's now how you roll?
I'm sorry you seem like a wanna be of Marilyn Monroe
Pin up girl with high waisted shorts
Drug habits right at the pores
Pores scream "I don't wanna be a whore"
No ones gonna judge you past my door
Huh am I way too explicit? Think about the poems that I make when I'm wasted...
'Cocaine lines with a cigarette burn on your cheek and I see it in your soul.."
But hey I'm about that so lemme come and hit that
A slap in the face is fine with my I'm sorry you think my thoughts are dirty
We roll and we drink and we burn here in Florida...


released October 28, 2014
Produced by Avi Kabir
Mastered by Kenneth Mount
Written by Avi Kabir
Performed by Henry Black, Martin Polder, Avi Kabir



all rights reserved


Suburban Streets Orlando, Florida

We have no idea what we're doing.

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